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I'm Steve, a front-end web guy who makes cool things for Wordpress, jQuery, and more. You can find me in San Francisco, Oakland, and the greater Bay Area of California. Let's talk shop about your next project!

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Client List

Massage Envy Cycling

Massage Envy Cycling was a site born out of the need for a team to have a presence online in support of their partnerships. The obvious choice was to use Wordpress for a publishing platform to keep track of news, reports, calendars, and more. The team owner has the ability to run the entire website from not only a desktop, but also his phone.

massageenvycycling.com (coming soon!)


Voce is a unique concept for marketing to target groups through social media tasks. A user must perform certain tasks on social media websites paid. The user has their own login, digital profile, tracking, and points awarded to their account for completing tasks which are converted to cash. All handled through Wordpress. It's pretty awesome actually.


Commit Co-op

Commit is an organization doing amazing things. They are on a mission to change the world one business at a time spreading the word about worker owned cooperatives. It's an inspiration really. The website we built is a cornerstone to the organization to generate funding, linked through PayPal, as well as an application based site for multiple platforms built on Wordpress.

commit.coop (coming soon!)

Christini AWD

It's always been a dream for Steve Christini to build something with All Wheel Drive technology in it. And what do you know, he made a motorcycle! It's pretty awesome, and you should totally check out what's going on over there. The first redesign was back in 2008, and we decided to take this up a notch with a look and feel to match the brand for 2012.



Like coffee? How about stand up comedy? No? Well, I tried. Meanwhile, you should really check out Tyler Kinney's comedy site about bro's, who make coffee. It's pretty damn funny, and honestly, worth the $0 cost of admission compared to 'Bucks where you'll shell out a lot more! The focus for the site was with the presentation of video, with some social integration.


Kenda Pro Cycling

When you've got a world class team of cyclists, who need a new home on the net, what better way than a flexible platform like Wordpress, for on the road publishing of news, stories, and race reports daily. That's just what we did, and now you too can follow the team as it travels the world climbing to the top of the podiums. Yeah, they're pretty badass.


Steve Place Photography

Yup, this is my own personal photography site. When I'm not coding, or designing in Photoshop, I'm usually out trying to take some cool pictures, shoot a few weddings, or just experiment with something worthwhile. This is the 4th implementation of a photo site which has evolved tremendously over the years. I'm a fan of clean design, which is blatantly apparent when you visit the site which is build on Wordpress and JQuery.


Solid Performance

Solid Performance is a group outside of Philadelphia who specializes in motorcycle parts, building bikes, and creating the ultimate race machines. They have a large facility, and offer a lot as far as technology. We decided to go for a more traditional look and feel, easy to keep updated from the owners, and inviting for people looking for their services through Google Advertising.


World Wildlife Fund

The WWF, no, not the wrestlers, needed a simple one page site for a particular campaign regarding a report for water management institutions. I had a previous portfolio site that used a clean HTML5 layout, with a JQuery scrolling effect, and a few other cool popup effects. The page will grow over time, and eventually morph into a Wordpress site with a full feature set including dynamic mapping.